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Backstage China #1 
It is kind of bungee jumping

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This new series features celebrities sharing their first impressions of the Middle Kingdom and its German-speaking community. First one is comedian Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinski who performed at restaurant Brotzeit in Shenzhen and Shanghai as part of his OBC Comedy Tour.

My Guangzhou #3 
This may well happen to you

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Sahira Dehn, entrepreneur in the pearl river metropolis, about clueless taxi drivers, unusual animal markets and why she likes uncomplicated people.

My Guangzhou #2 
"It should be a matter of course"

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Co-author of the guidebook "First Steps in Guangzhou" and painter Angelika Schlautmann knows the pearl river metropolis like her colour chart. In this Interview the previous VW product designer talks about the cohesion of the local expat community, how far English will get you in this city and why in Guangzhou nature does not equal nature.

My Guangzhou #1 (HD) 
"Would like to see more people available"

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Sahira Dehn lives and works in the southern Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou. In part 1 of this interview the German entrepreneur talks about architectural juxtapositions, the digestability of Cantonese cuisine and a popular expat website (no, not )

German Night talk #3 (HD) 
"Everyone is experiencing the same"

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Visitors of the German Night brainstorm about what can be improved about the most successful German community event in Shanghai. A talk about shyness, acclimatization, specials to be added and the importance of yummy food.

Tip: For especially fast connections this video is now also available in HD resolution (720p). HD mode can be activated at the right-top corner of the video window.

My Xiamen #2 
More than just tourist sights

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In part 2 of this Xiamen-Special Carlos Xiong explains the development of the southern Chinese metropolis once known as 'Amoy'. Further topics are the proximity to Taiwan, Carlos' future vision for Xiamen and what should not be missed on the historical island Gulangyu, where this conversation was recorded.

My Hong Kong #4 
The difference to Shanghai is shrinking

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What exactly the benefits of a 'regulated' life in Hong Kong are, where good restaurants are considerably cheaper and why trailing spouses often end up with nothing to do explains tech entrepreneur and Hong Kong long term expat Jens Behrens. Part two of the nightly talk at Central Ferry Pier, Hong Kong Island.

My Xiamen #1 
Fair weather and foreign language deficiencies

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Drizzle, a rather untypical weather in the sunny southern Chinese port metropolis of Xiamen. In the first part of this series, industrial engineer Carlos Xiong speaks about his hometown, its investment climate, foreign language deficiencies and culinary specialties. An offshore dialogue on the historic Gulangyu island with a panoramic view on the mainland coast.

My Hong Kong #3 
No 40-hour work week here

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Why the city still is entrepreneur-friendly, how it defines it's quality of life and the fastest way to conquer the HK culture shock is contemplated by Hong Kong veteran and German Night co-organizer Jens Behrens. A nightly talk against the backdrop of Central Ferry Pier, Hong Kong Island.

Video: Mein Shenzhen #2 
"Viele hören nur hin, aber nicht zu"

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Expat since 17 years amidst 14 million Chinese in the southern Metropolis Shenzhen. Is returning to Germany still an option? Baking entrepreneur and board member of the German Chamber of Commerce Rainer Ganser provides an interesting answer. What's more: Insider hints for Shenzhen-newbies and the reason why the long term laowai hardly crosses over to Hong Kong for shopping anymore.

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