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Video: China, Inc. 2.9 (HD) 
Loneliness, Lasagna and being kicked out

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The service sector in China is no walk in the park, Expectations are high, restraints low and situations easily propel out of control. How do you still stay professional? Entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) share their experiences.

Video: China, Inc. 2.8 (HD) 
What is my idea worth?

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Your own restaurant, coffee shop or other small business in China? For many expats, this is a pleasant idea. But mere inspiration is no guarantee for success - even less so in a market like China. Entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) share their best tipps on Business in China.

Video: China, Inc. 2.7 (HD) 
Pizza, spandex and big wigs

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Dreams, ideas, visions. Entrepreneurs Stefan Lange (Fat Mama), Jonas Merian (Jonasdesign) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) speak about their business future in China. A market that is constantly changing. Jonas hopes that Chinese will develop a taste for his furniture too, while Frank implements a long-harbored wish. And Stefan? Stefan finetunes a new concept without plates and highlights the risk of all-too-unusual ideas.

Video: China, Inc. 2.6 (HD) 
From the juice press to the CEO suite

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What is success in China? For bistro founder Stefan Lange it is the loyalty of his girlfriend despite 16-hour-shifts. And, that his small bistro is still alive at all, because "the competition are big chain groups." Frank Rasche, owner of Element Fresh shares stories of success with staff development. And upcycling artist Jonas Merian from Switzerland bases the success of his workshop on support from a completely different side.

Video: China, Inc. 2.5 (HD) 
"It won't work without mistakes"

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People are making mistake but dislike talking about them, even less in public. Exactly this would be necessary though, because success stories aside, most can be learned from others mistakes. Frank Rasche (Element Fresh), Stefan Lange (Fat Mama) and Jonas Merian (Jonas Design) bravely respond to a delicate question.

Video: China Inc. 2.4 (HD) 
"The rules are completely different"

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All beginnings are difficult, this is especially the case for young entrepreneurs in China. Stefan Lange (Fat Mama) and Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) answer questions about start-up difficulties and challenges when launching their operations.

Video: Pyongyang Expat 
14 months as a foreigner in North Korea (Trailer)

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Hardly internet, restricted food selection and general distrust. As upcycling artist Jonas Merian mentioned before, he lived and worked in North Korea for 14 months. This 20-minutes short documentary covers expat life in North Korea according to Jonas' personal experience and is premiered in the Korea International Expat Film Festival in Seoul.

China Inc. 2.3 (HD) 
Service is a completely different story

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Next to the advantages hailed in the last episode, Chinese business life also harbors plenty of disadvantages. Be it the steep learning curve when studying the language, the perpetual necessity to muddle through something or the 'slightly different service approach' of staff and customers. Jonas Merian (Jonas Design), Stefan Lange (Fat Mama) und Frank Rasche (Element Fresh) don't beat around the bush.

China AG 2.2 (HD) 
I can simply improvise

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Affordable studio rent in the outskirts, curious guests and lasagne with Wuxi pork instead of Angus beef. In this episode of the series "China AG II" our China-Entrepreneurs Frank Rasche (Element Fresh), Stefan Lange (Fat Mama) and Jonas Merian (Jonas Design) explain why they are here after all. What are the biggest advantages of business life in China? Spoiler: There is plenty of disadvantages too. More about that in the next episode.

China AG 2.1 (HD) 
Pizza Trucks, Pyongyang and raw Capsicum

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Three entrepreneurs, three visions: Frank Rasche leads the most popular restaurant chain for healthy food in Shanghai: Who would have thought it is owned by a German? Upcycling artist Jonas Merian came to Shanghai via Pyongyang and Beijing. In his suburbian studio disposed wood is being crafted into something miraculous. Already two times Stefan Langes bistro Fat Mama had to move in Shanghai. He tells about how to make Chinese customers happy while maintaining authenticity.

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