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Video: China AG #5 
Sense of achievement

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What is success? Success is different for each entrepreneur in China. Bakery founder Rainer Ganser (Shenzhen) and wine importer Stefan Gross (Hong Kong) contradict each other in this respect. And how does Julia Oduro-Boadi see this matter from the perspective of a goldsmith?

Video: China AG #4 
At the third mistake it's getting tight

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Nobody likes to talk about mistakes, especially ones own. Yet since you can learn a lot from mistakes of others we still ask this tricky question. Result: Bakery entrepreneur Rainer (Shenzhen), wine importer Stefan (Hongkong) and goldsmith Julia (Shanghai) share three minutes of their mishaps, disappointed expectations and avoidance strategies as entrepreneurs in China.

Video: China AG #3 
Everyone knows it better than you

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Envy only sees the flower bed but never the spade. According to this Chinese wisdom our China founders Rainer Ganser (Shenzhen), Stefan Gross (Hong Kong) und Julia Oduro-Boadi (Shanghai) talk about the biggest personal and social hurdles they had to overcome when building their business in China.

Video: China AG #2 
Beat the Chinese at their own game

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In part two of this series goldsmith Julia, wine importer Stefan and bakery entrepreneur Rainer define the - according to their experience - biggest disadvantages about entrepreneurship in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Including one solution that probably only works in China.

Video: China AG #1 
Baguette, Pinot Noir and Diamonds

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As bakery entrepreneur Rainer Ganser (Shenzhen), wine importer Stefan Gross (Hong Kong) and goldsmith Julia Oduro-Boadi (Shanghai) report, it takes more than the Heureka-Moment to achieve business success in China. A comparative portrait about the brave step to start a business in a Chinese megacity. In episode one of this new series, the three entrepreneurs name the most tempting advantages of doing business in China and Hong Kong. But also disadvantages, obstacles and failures are part of everyday entrepreneurship - more about this in the upcoming episodes.

Video: Backstage China #8 
"Ich will hier kein pünktliches Volk"

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Which clichés actually do apply to China? Comedian Holger Müller a.k.a. Ausbilder Schmidt explains why Chinese supposedly are so diligent, which of his new gags were conceived in China and why he generally admires German expats in China. Intro and outro from last year's Comedy Night at Brotzeit Shanghai.

Links zwo drei vier 
Backstage China #7

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What happens if the most politically incorrect German drill sergeant parachutes into China? Line up for the first rapport with Holger Müller a.k.a. Ausbilder Schmidt.

Eyes closed and go 
Backstage China #6

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Just ignore Kunmings car chaos and go? Insureance-requiring traffic tips, breathing techniques, marriage proposals and more by comedian Ramona Schukraft in the role of her alter ego Sybille Bullatschek. Part two of an interview with limited liability.

Backstage China #5 
He does like this and walks past me

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How come Kunming's billboards are so colorful? Why are people honking all the time? And are all Chinese men prone to machism? An ironic China summary by comedian Ramona Schukraft in her role as nurse Sybille Bullatschek from Pfleidelsheim.

Backstage China #4 
Come, we invite you for Tea

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The teahouse scam, probably the most notorious of all foreigner-ripoff-tricks. Can Kerim Pamuk, Comedian from Hamburg, avoid being scammed? Whether he had to pay and why he feels many Germans are struggling with living here now in part 4 of Backstage China.

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